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Originally Posted by BigmountainVMD View Post
While those videos are cool, you don't need a Raptor to do any of that. You could do it on a Proto or an SL if you wanted to.
I've actually have to agree. That slope wasn't very steep, the person wasn't going very fast or carving particularly hard.

I own both the Proto and the SL... this is me riding the SL (Proto isn't be able to do this). TBH, I wish the Proto was slightly stiffer between the binding (the Cobra is like this I'm told).

These guys are riding a lot faster and carving a lot harder than that guy (or me). Jump to around 0:45 to see actual riding... notice the person is riding switch at 2:00... I hate it when people say you can't ride switch on stiffer, longer directional board with setback.

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