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Default Stiff boots less knee bend

So I switched from the Burton Hails which are soft to K2 UFO's which are a relatively hard boot. The UFO's are very, very comfortable. The only thing is that it seems harder to initiate a turn from heel to toe. Seems like me knees don't bend as much as you cannot get alot of forward movement in the boot. The one thing I did like about the Hails is that I could get down pretty low and bend the knees which seemed to make me more agile and precise. As the days progress, I am becoming more comfortable riding with the UFO's, but it seems like my progress from last year has been stalled. Will more aggressive riding eventually cause some "give" and allow me to initiate a toe turn with more knee bend or am I out of luck? I assume that I will just get used to them, but I feel like a bit of a beginner
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