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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
Really? Do these facts involve 7 24 hour days of creation?

I'm no anti-semite or arab lover by a long shot, but the displacement of peoples by the creation of the state of Israel as a reaction of guilt to what was allowed to happen on another continent in WW2 is really where most of our modern problems come from. And think about it. The notoriously "christian" west, always with a zionist twinkle in its eye regardless of how un-jewish it is, whatever excuse we can all use to be evil to each other...

We all deserve nothing better than death, especially those who seek it so hungrily.
I was not trying to imply that the supposed word of God and the promise made was a fact. I just refer to the many kingdoms of Israel that have risen and fell over the last 3000 years, many of which happend before the supposed profit Mohammed got wasted and wrote down a bunch of horseshit and declared it the word of god.

If there was ever a people who have been persecuted and displaced multiple times throughout their history it is the jews.

I have my own faith, its mine and I don't reveal it to anyone. Its to bad islam, Christianity, Jewish faith and all the others can't practice what they claim to believe..
Religion is all about power and control which to me makes it all bullshit.
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