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Originally Posted by Bobby View Post
Ok so just to be a little more clear, which of the two Elements is like the ZEP? The CX right? Would that essentially be more like upgrading my Zep since you pointed out that I would be "upgrading a lot more than just the profile and the overall package you are moving to will be a huge bump up."

This way I'd have newer board with newer technology but not totally foreign to me, and still try something new with the Machete? I don't see any RX discounted so buying that and keeping the Machete isn't an option.
The CX is traditional camber like your Zep. If you are looking for a newer board with that new car smell this will be a great option. It will not be an enourmos difference in terms of ride however as it does not take advantage of the two newer technologies that I was mentioning. Griptech and the newer profile of the rx is where the substantial modern changes have occured.
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