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Originally Posted by 2hipp4u View Post
There is no debate or argument to be made on who has ancestral heritage to the land going back over 3000 years, you can try but facts are facts.

As to the so called persecution of arab muslim occupiers (some like to call them palistinains) your outrage is misplaced and with all due respect, its laughable. These arab terrorists bring everything they get upon themselves.

Their poor pity me act seems to be working on you and many others who wish to believe the lies and propaganda they put forth. Sad sad sad.
You must be joking, lies and propaganda? If anything UK television has been worse than fox news reporting the recent activities in Gaza, they are so pro Israeli it makes my stomach turn. People in the western world are not being told the truth, they are behind shielded from it.

Lets step away from the historical claim to the land (even though the first historical evidence shows it wasn't Jewish land but Canaan). Lets look at the ownership of land since the UN Patition Plan of 1947. Bearing in mind this was widely accepted by not only Israeli Jews but the vast majority of UN member countries.

The change in land demographic since 1948 hasn't been a peaceful transition. The Jews have murdered and steamrolled their way through Palestinian land and left a nation of people imprisioned in their own homes. Zionist Israeli's are Neo Nazis, treating the people of the Gaza Strip exactly the way Jews were treated in the Warsaw Ghetto. In the last 24 hours alone 19 Palestinians have been killed; among the casualties are 7 children, a pregnant women, and two elderly. More than 180 Palestinians have been injured; dozens are in serious conditions... but according to you they are arab terrorists and bring everything they get upon themselves.

You've spent most of your post being a total condecending prick let me try that for a change. I didn't form an opinion on the Israel/Palestine devide through my news feed, through historical readings or through a 3rd party. I decided to form my own opinion through my own eyes. I've travelled to the West Bank once and Gaza twice (2nd time we wern't even granted entry by Israeli IDF). So tell me how close have you been to the conflict? If you've seen what I've seen then theres no way you'd be telling me my outrage is misplaced and laughable.
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