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Originally Posted by ComeBack_Kid View Post
As a former South Lake Tahoe resident, I can answer a few of your specific questions:

*It's cheap for a reason:
Not to knock Carson City, but there just isn't a lot there. The city really only exists now because it's where the 395 and Hwy 50 connect, and it's built around these two highways with a lot of the economy based on people driving through. You've got a bunch of fairly crummy-mediocre casinos, motels, and gas stations, and the rest of it is pretty quiet. From what I know from people who lived there, the #1 thing most Carson City residents do for recreation is head up to Tahoe or head into Reno. Personally, I would only head down to Carson City to stock up at Costco or drive through on my way to the airport in Reno.

However, it is generally a safe and affordable city. Yes, there are a lot of old people. Younger people tend to move away en masse.

*You can't always get up to Tahoe in a storm: During big storms, NHP does mandatory chain controls at the start of the roads up to Tahoe from Carson, including Highway 50 (the main one) and Kingsbury Grade (the long way). During very big storms, they will close the roads until they can get (and keep) them plowed. Most of the time though, you'll be fine if you have:

a) a 4wd or awd car with dedicated snow tires
b) tire chains, properly affixed

No matter what, expect some traffic on the way up on the big snow days.

* There are some good "foodie" places, but not like LA: There are a couple of well-regarded sushi restaurants and at least one Vietnamese place that I know of in Carson, but you will not find the kind of variety and choices for restaurants and cuisines that can be found in LA. Not even close.

Anyways, Carson City might be a good fit for you, but it depends on what you want. Personally, I'd be bored to death if I lived there, but that's me. Wherever you end up heading, I wish you good luck with your move.

thanks!!! This is EXACTLY the info Im looking for.

I've lived in Los Angeles my ENTIRE life and I spent my 20s living in Hollywood. I am OVER and DONE with that shit....I do like to hike, mountain bike, road bike, snowboard (duh) etc. Would be nice if there were some other people to hook up with for such things but it's not the end of the world if not. I do most of those things alone now, mostly due to my very odd work schedule and, well frankly most people in LA don't do outdoorsy things. And if they do , they do them with their bluetooth headset in while talking about work...don't get me started.

I do have a car with AWD. Currently have no need for snow tires. So there is that. Traffic means that I can find people to carpool with on pow days. right? Always a plus. (Im a chick, I like men to drive me around, I won't lie)

I can handle a bit of traffic. I am more concerned with being able to road bike in the summer without dealing with angry drivers or thick smog. There are days in the summer that the air is so bad I don't go outside.

Food thing, I can deal with. One sushi place was more then I was expecting to be honest. I could stand to eat out less anyway

I can't see being that bored if tahoe is so close....

All I need is to be NOT in cali, >hour drive to a major resort and acess to high speed data. The hi speed data requirement rules out a lot of places.... it might even suck in CC. It's something I need to look into.

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