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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Yep! It is so glaringly obvious to everyone who looks at it objectively. Unfortunately the Jewish lobby in America (AIPAC) has enormous political power over US foreign policy and the UN is effectively a puppet of the US. This shockingly unbalanced treatment fuels a lot of the anti Israeli and anti American hatred and terrorism throughout the region and abroad.

It is NOT anti Semitic to advocate unbiased equal treatment and expectations from all nations in the region including holding Israel to those standards. This situation is actually hurting Israel and her people greatly too. Things have gotten so much worse with Netanyahu and his Zionist extremist Likud party in power.

If there is any chance of some semblance of peace, the Israeli people must enact change from within and vote these radical right wingers out of power and put in moderates like the Kadima party who, while still Zionist, understands that concessions to Palestinians must be made. Ariel Sharon was far more moderate and we saw much better stability and even some minimal progress. It may not be fair, but I believe it is on Israel's shoulders to begin this process of reform. Along with electing a more moderate government, Israelis must weed out the radical Zionists from the IDF; many of the high ranking IDF commanders are acting as rogues and committing atrocities not condoned by the people of Israel.

But I honestly believe we'll never see peace within our lifetime or ever for that matter. Both are complicit, moreso Israel as they've committed horrible atrocities in the conflicts, using White Phosphorous on civilian populations and refugee camps as well as carpeting civilian neighbourhoods with cluster bombs to make them uninhabitable for a long period of time in a place where living space is at a premium.

It's a joke how they talk about caring about civilian deaths and do everything they can to prevent them when they have that kind of track record.

"This comment brought to you by Bombay Gin"
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