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Originally Posted by ig88 View Post
I have only snowboarded for one season, 7 days altogether last season. I still had not managed the skill of getting off chairlift perfect last season. At the beginning of the season, I fell getting off the chairlift every time. Super embarrassment. At the end of the season, I was falling once every four to five times. That's a huge improvement for me already.

For those of you like me who have not fully mastered getting off the chairlift with grace, would you pick a side on the chairlift that's easier to get out?

Last season I was in Korea. For example, on a 4 to 5 person seater, which went counter-clockwise. I always tried to sit on the far right. This spot enabled me to escape from the chairlift fastest. Say if I had settled for the far left spot on the chairlift, I would have had to put in huge efforts to jet off or else I could not have cleared the radius of the path of the chairlift. Sitting on the far left always got me nervous the entire trip up the hill.

Is it just me?
If you could describe your ride stance(right or left foot forward), and how you normally fall this would make giving you tips that are pertinent to your situation eaiser.

That being said practice your boneless riding. (the art of riding with one foot straped in and the other foot loose, but place on the board ( typically in between your bindings). The easiest place is in the learning area where they do lessons or on a real mellow green. In a learning area there will typically be a bench or chair you can practice getting of on. Think about getting you lead shoulder and hip to point down at the same angle of the incline of the off-ramp straight away from the chair. It sometimes helps to feel your lead foot roll from the inside to the outside of the foot. With the back foot start off with at least the toe part of the boot over the board just before you get off with the nose of the board pointed straight away from the chair. When the board starts to touch the ground start to turn the foot it can sit flat on the board and slide it up against the back binding with the outside of your foot. Your weight should be close to 60% of the front foot and 40% on the back as you start to slide. Remember to keep looking forward out ahead of you and you should be fine. Eventually you will start to get crazy with getting off the chair and be able to ride any position on the chair, only on one leg, switch, and grabing your nose.

P.S. one additional tip also is to remember to breath to allow your body to relax.
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