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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
Great minds and all. I'm 20 minutes into it right now.

I have a working theory...
Aaaaaaaaand, we're done. After 30 minutes, the water that started out as cold tap water had a rim of ice and the water that started out as hot tap water did not.

What's interesting is that although the two cups of water started out at approx 120* and 50*, by the time the experiment was terminated they were both at 0* within the error limits of my shitty thermometer. This is not surprising since how fast a body loses heat is dependant on the difference in temp between the item and the environment. As the two cups of water cooled to the temp of the freezer, the hotter cup would have lost heat a lot faster initially. I'm sure that varying the temp of the freezer and the initial temps of the two cups of water would affect the cooling curves. Things could also be affected by (for instance) the fact that water from the water heater tends to have more particulates and dissolved salts than water that just comes straight in from the street.

Anyway, if I really wanted to go all reductio ad absurdum on this thing, I'd refill the partly frozen cup of water with freshly boiled water and stick it in with the almost-ready-to-freeze water. By the logic of the Effect, the boiling water should freeze first....

And yes, I am just that much of a geek. Deal with it.

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