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Originally Posted by phony_stark View Post
Loney man,

He's on angrysnowboarder I believe (unless you were being sarcastic.).

With almost 800 posts, I half think you are being sarcastic.
Oh, really I meant no disrespect. Actually, he the reason I've started to seriously look at Flow snowboard (going to try the Flow Shifty) and bindings (looking at NX2-AT) whereas I previously dismissed them as second-rate products due to my memory of them from a long time ago. But Nivek seemed so adamant about Flow boards (esp over NS boards) that I figured I must be wrong about them and I should give them a second look.

I really meant his height/weight and riding style... because I'm a light guy and if he's like 200-250 lbs, he experiences are going to be different from mine (especially regard stiffness and dampness). I actually go the sense he was was slimmer (like around my weigh of 150 lbs)... but I wasn't sure. I just threw in the rest of it because I'm OCD about stuff for completeness sake (I've edited the previous post).

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