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Originally Posted by Clayton Bigsby View Post
Ahhhhh geez, all I wanted to do was let some of you people know of a program interviewing Jake Burton on his success/product line etc. A man who's company made $500 million last, has got to know something.

I wished that this sport would never have taken off like it has. I can remember at time if you wanted to ride BAKER, you had to prove to one of the snowboard employee's that you could turn left, turn right and stop, once you did that , then you had your picture taken and put on a separate pass that every lifty asked you for to prove that you could ride the entire mtn. Stevens Pass only let us ride weekdays and no hloidays, we once got kicked off of the mtn for riding the Friday after Thanksgiving for being "boarders". There used to be a time at BAKER when there was maybe 20 of us boarders that had a close brotherhood, encouraging each other, giving riding/gear tips, crashing at someone's house or catching a ride, now we have a bunch of "boarders" that are calling each other Fuck holes, assholes, stupid fuck, dumbshits, etc and talking shit about everyone else on the hill, but I guess that the way it is when you can hide behind your keypad.

What has happened to the sport I love, those days are long gone, but that wont stop me and my riding buddies of 27 years from ripping up that PNW powder
It would be nice if no one else in the world enjoyed surfing and I could get literally every wave I want, but it is what it is. It feels amazing to do, so people will do it. It shouldn't be surprising that snowboarding is popular.

As for Burton as a whole, I applaud anyone who has the drive, ambition, and skill to capture and maintain such a large market share of any industry. There isn't a single business in the world that does this without having a product that people want. Period.

Burton has made some great business moves including positioning themselves to the mainstream as THE snowboard company early on, and they outlasted and outperformed every other manufacturer.

As for anyone who supposedly went out of business because of their success, who cares? Cry me a river. Business fundamentals: Put out a better product and learn to market it better and you'll survive and thrive. If not, you won't. Oh well.

While I don't ride Burton boards, I still admire Jake Burton and the company he built. The fact that he is one of the first people to convince quite a few resorts (including the largest on the East Coast) to allow snowboarders on the lifts means I think we owe him our gratitude, if nothing else.
Originally Posted by Thomps33 View Post
15 years on a retail floor? Hahahahaha, that proves my point. I'm done here.
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