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Originally Posted by Wiredsport View Post

The DMCC Light is 1 lb 15 oz in Large with disk and hardware. To my knowledge that it the lightest binding on the market.
Hmm... so you are saying the Flux DMCC light is 5 ounces lighter than a Flow bindings (1 lbs 15 oz vs 2 lbs ~4 oz). or about 141 grams. That's a noticeable difference, but not a huge difference.

To give things some perspective, that is weigh difference equivalent to

or 25 quarters (5.67 grams per quarter)
or 3 shot glasses of water (~42 mL)
or 1 snowball's worth of snow stuck on your board (~130 grams)

Once I rode a pair of first generation Catek Freerides. Which weight about 4 lbs. Needless to say, I found those to be a bit stiff and heavy... here is a really old video of me riding them on a rainbox rail and doing a backslide boardslide on a mailbox (if you really really look carefully at the end). I'm pretty sure I'm ugly style is much more due to the fact that I was (and still am) a somewhat mediocre freestyle and less so because my bindings were "2 lbs too heavy"

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