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It's not that Burton hasn't done good things for the industry. It is the fact that Burton takes credit for everything. The whole attitude of "I invented" that simply isn't the truth, just a really well marketed spin. Snurfer, Sims and Winterstick were all making boards when Jake came out with his first board. His first board was basically the same product snurfer had already been selling for years.

A lot of people helped shape and drive our sport, Jake is only one of many. He acts like he was the only guy out there on the snow. I personally like the guy but also acknowledge that he pulled some pretty lame moves early on. In doing so he started the corruption of our sport. His business ethics are not all that they are hyped up to be. His products were stagnant for most of the history of his company and usually followed one to two years behind the trends that the real movers and shakers were making. I do applaud him for being one of the few companies to survive this long in such a fickle industry, not too many of those early brands are around anymore.

As far as thinking they are the greatest because they hold such a large market share... Walmart. Like Walmart, Burton has helped increase it's market share through manipulating distribution channels and moving American jobs to Communist countries. I don't look up to businesses that follow that model. Good for them that they are stinking rich, I hope they enjoy the success. I personally would be riddled with guilt at the shamefull actions of these companies if I owned them.

That being said of the many, many, many boards I've ridden, the 98 Custom 64 is one of my top five boards of all time. I might even put the first year of the Triumph 64 as another of those top five boards. Either that or the Blacktop, that board was friggin fun. They make a great product that is equal in quality with other top "manufacturers" and have a product line vast enough to reach every customer base. (Are you really a manufacturer if you pay a factory overseas to make your product for you? Or are you just a designer? )
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