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Originally Posted by Alkasquawlik View Post
I have never, ever broken a ladder in 12 years of riding. It seems like urethane ladders are fixing a problem that wasn't even there in the first place.
Granted, I ride in CA where it doesn't get cold, so I can't speak firsthand on how equipment reacts in colder environments, but using tech like this as a selling point to intermediate riders in CA and the Mid-West is a moot point.
Do you know anything about the midwest? It gets pretty fuckin cold there. And the toe ladder is one of the most replaced parts in snowboarding. Striving for one that is significantly tougher doesn't seem like fixing a non-issue to me.

Originally Posted by Alkasquawlik View Post
I think it's rad that you're helping out people on SBF.
The only issue I have is that you seem so caught up in the "technical" side of snowboarding.
"This board is too stiff, you can't ride it in conditions x and y, only in conditions z"
"These bindings don't offer me the same exact of longitudalwhogivesafuck response as these other ones."
I get into the tech side a lot cause with how many great boards are out there now there is likely one board that fits an individual better than others.

Originally Posted by Alkasquawlik View Post
People see your comments about certain product, and based off your reputation and post count, take your advice as fact, when in reality it's all subjective, personal preferences on a lot of snowboard gear.
My objective views have become valuable to a lot of people. Partly because I can always back them up. The 51 HH was about as playful in the tips as a 55 Berzerker. So in what would have been a more appropriate size, the 54, it would have been even less playful. The board is less nimble on harpack and less playful than the majority of boards people use for a one board ride. Satisfied?
Originally Posted by Alkasquawlik View Post
I saw you comment on one of my Horrorscope recommendations to another poster, who was a second year snowboarder in the Midwest. I recommended the Horrorscope, only to have you chime in that "O, this kid on my couch broke 4 in one year."

A. How long was the kid sleeping on your couch to be able to break 4 decks in a year?
B. The type of riding that your friend did, is most likely going to be significantly different (read, more abusive/damaging to a board) than a beginner rider in the Mid-West. Learn to help out the individual customer instead of proclaiming your C3 hate everywhere.
C. If I broke 2-3 boards in the same year, regardless of company, you sure as shit won't see me on that product anymore.
Does him snapping that many mean everyone will? No. But considering that is the one board he's broken and has only started riding harder since, there is a higher chance the average rider will break it. Kids these days can't afford a new deck every year. I'd like to try and make sure they get something that has a history of being durable.

Originally Posted by Alkasquawlik View Post
No, I try not to ride K2 product.
But I never made a comment about the board itself, I just made a remark after you claimed the Happy Hour "wasn't an everyday board". Maybe for you it isn't, but for all the people I know who rode them last year, all the pros who ride them, and all the kids I know who picked one up this year as their main decks, who are you to tell me/them that the HH isn't an everyday board, because "the tips are too stiff". Grow up, get some muscle, and learn how to flex a snowboard.
You try not to ride K2? Please PLEASE explain this.

If the Happy Hour had such great sell through how come I never saw one last year and have seen 2 this year? Don't bring up pros. They aren't us. For the average rider there are better options. Danny loves it and jibs it, that's great. Its heritage is as a pow freestyle twin and it still performs best as such. He can do shit on garage door we wont ever do. I'm not here to speculate whether or not someone is the 20% that's going to like a board for a different purpose than the majority.

Originally Posted by phony_stark View Post
Wait wait wait waitwaitwait....did the rep tell you verbatim that the tips were psychologically functional?
Dude the niners are putting foot to cock right now.
Take the pointy tips off the Happy Hour and go over the tech. Then tell someone its more or less designed as a pow twin. Then do it again with the stabby tips back on. Its much easier to believe the stabby twin is a pow stick than the round tipped one.

No, not verbatim. But they work psychologically so I'm stickin to it.

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