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Wow some bpro lovin' going on now, I'm surprised based on past threads in this forum lol.

Originally Posted by Noreaster View Post
Aside from Rome I've tried all of these, rode B-Pro pretty much for the past two years and NS Infinity last season (getting my own this week, yay). Still, I feel - and this is my highly subjective opinion - that for an advanced, well rounded all-mountain East Coast rider B-Pro combines the most advantages and is really the best deck for the money. Mind you, this is not a beginner's board and I've seen plenty of new riders having trouble controlling it. However, its edge really lends itself to increased stability. I've caught myself many times over last year charging seriously icy runs on which I'd normally have more caution if I was riding anything else. The board is that stable. It is a little wider too and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with small feet, although I'm size 6.5 and the width wasn't really a deal breaker for me. The reviews state that the width adds to stability... I don't particularly disagree, it feels that the serrated edge works better with a shallower sidecut because it allows for a better snow contact.

B-Pro is marginally lighter than others. It has a nice pop, not as damp as NS decks (again, not a deal breaker), more playful than NS. I felt like the playfulness factor was a bit negated by that super-stable serrated edge as compared to NS in general. I also found that the edge didn't help me in the park. I felt I had to put a little more energy into initiating rotations, on the other hand it held landings better. I also like the idea of sustainability behind the company's products. Definitely a plus in my book.

As to the graphics... don't mind me there. I've long since stopped caring for what the board looks like but for some reason this particular disaster is just triggering my gag reflex every time I see it (and yes, I believe that the sorry ass who designed it needs to be taken out back and shot). But that's just me.

Anyway, hope this helps.
Would your opinion change if I said I would probably be spending more days in Utah or Vermont than Blue or Tremblant for the next few years at least? I'm not particularly close to those 2 hills, so if I head up to Blue it would only be for a day or two. Although of course I wouldn't want to be wiping out every time I hit ice or bumps on my fancy-schmancy powder board Would the wider waist width inhibit shorter-radius turns at all (like going edge to edge - such as in the trees or moguls)? I agree with you on the graphics - I look a lot younger than I actually am, and I feel like the bpro definitely looks more like a board a little girl would have. I get asked what grade I am in more than enough already. Thanks for the long response too!

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
First off, congratulations and thank you! I wish every poster would check the FAQ before posting. It is refreshing to see a post with every bit of the information listed.

As for board suggestions, I cannot speak for the other boards you listed but you are a perfect match for the Neversummer Infinity. As for size, I would suggest the 147 or 149 for your style of riding. You are light and could ride the 145 just fine and enjoy the agility of an even shorter board but stepping up to a 147 or 149 gives you 3 and 4 CM's more effective edge for stability and carving. Now if you expect to ride plenty of powder and also want to ride fast and lay down some great carved, stepping up to the 151 gives you another 2 CM's of effective edge without a huge sacrifice in overall agility. It really depends on what is most important to you; agility or stability!
Any reason to pick the infinity over the lotus? I was thinking the lotus was stiffer so it would work better for the downhill-only I do? Although I do love the graphics on the infinity this year

Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity View Post
At Baker freeriding for 9 years...due to small feet, I've demo'd a fair amount of women's boards and ride an option trinity 158 freeride and option kendra starr 155 directional cambered twin...both are old cambered stiffys...and by far they are perhaps the stiffest women's boards. If i were buying another new board this year it would be a 155 b-pro (granted i'm a guy, 5'6' and 175-180 with size 7 feet) for an all around all mtn go anyplace board resort board for non deep poo days. It is stiffer (but not as stiff as my old Options), likes to be ridden hard, quick edge to edge, handles drops and landing, is responsive stable and fun...mind you at my size the 155 is like throwing around a midget. The b-pro is made for baker and lots of hard riding gals here its their board.

my order: top pick and matches my hot pink pantz
bnice...old 155 cambered was really fun til I snapped the tail.
roxy was marginally ok but could not handle the railing carves and wash out, not as stable at bombing
infinity...way too soft for my weighty ass
gypsy...way way too soft
Have you tried the Push? If I went with the bpro would you recommend the 146 or 149?

Thanks for all the responses! Anyone out there tried the Rome gold?
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