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Originally Posted by mixie View Post
why not? I don't understand why people are willing to drop $$$ on a board without doing some demo-ing first. It doesn't make sense to me....I wouldn't spend 300-500 bucks on something unless I was damn sure I liked it. Is demoing not an option due to where you are located?

I demoed the B Pro, Lotus and Envi, all on powder days. ...and I'd read reviews on all three prior too my demoing. I found out real fast that reading reviews is not even close to actually riding the the damn things.

I bought the envi, and I want a lotus for a powder board...but seriously all three were really great boards that I'd have been happy with if I bought them without a test ride. I liked the b pro the least of the three. However the new b pro has pink unicorns. Who doesn't love pink unicorns?!?!
Whats so hard to understand? Maybe it isn't an option where that person is situated. In Queenstown NZ where I live its 60 bucks a day to demo a board in the main retailers, 75 if you want bindings. I could demo 4 boards, be out half the price of actually buying one and not be any closer to a decision. And thats forgetting the fact that the main demo shop this season had 3 lib techs, a few GNU's and a few YES boards available for demo.. nothing that interested me.

I had absolutely no choice, I bought a new board solely based on online reviews and tech advice (which I take with a pinch of salt).
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