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Originally Posted by david_z View Post
I've used Shred Soles and have a brand new pair ready to put in my new boots this year (review). As Basti mentioned, these are really not going to help with heel lift, but I'd still recommend them for overall comfort, support, and better riding experience.

There are other brands out there like Remind Insoles and a few others that don't come to mind immediately, but Shred Soles are the only ones I have experience with.
Will they honor their 90-money back? I did not find any contact information on their web pages, so how would a return work? I would just want to put my feet into them for an hour or so.

I am most concerned about the arc being to high and the cant being uncomfortable.

@David, I noted in your review you sometimes get a pinch around your arch, was that due to having slightly wider feet?

My feet are not as narrow as most but shouldn't be considered wide (I can't wear Nike, and I find New Balance Regular to be quite comfortable). I read on these forums that the superfeet helped with that problem.


Maybe I won't fix the heel lift, but either way an insole would make me more comfortable. I ordered foam, heal wedges, and insole blanks. I will find a combination that works for me.
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