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Originally Posted by mixie View Post
why not? I don't understand why people are willing to drop $$$ on a board without doing some demo-ing first. It doesn't make sense to me....I wouldn't spend 300-500 bucks on something unless I was damn sure I liked it. Is demoing not an option due to where you are located?

I demoed the B Pro, Lotus and Envi, all on powder days. ...and I'd read reviews on all three prior too my demoing. I found out real fast that reading reviews is not even close to actually riding the the damn things.

I bought the envi, and I want a lotus for a powder board...but seriously all three were really great boards that I'd have been happy with if I bought them without a test ride. I liked the b pro the least of the three. However the new b pro has pink unicorns. Who doesn't love pink unicorns?!?!
I agree, I would absolutely love to be able to test them! But unfortunately due to my location (not close to any large hills) and schedule (I'm in school most of the time so can't really travel anywhere) I won't be able to. So I'm just trying to get as much info as I can on all the boards. And unless I'm going crazy I don't think there is a 2013 envi model? I'm hoping if I just buy one I will like it enough and won't know what I'm missing anyway

Originally Posted by mixie View Post
out of the B Pro, Lotus and Envi, the Lotus is the most damp. BY FAR.

i demoed it on a powder day but I made sure to take it to some icy scrapped up groomers and it also went thru a lot of chopped up pow/crud. That thing could float over anything like a dream.

In the dampness competition the Lotus won hands down over the other two. I felt it was too damp. It was almost pop to it at all. Great in the pow but lacked a little something off jumps for me. However I am realizing that I like a stiffer longer board then most people seem to.

I read someone else on this forum say they liked the flex between the bindings better on the C2BTX (envi) over the Lotus shape (whatever that is) and I agree.
Sorry, it was the lotus you demoed? You were sounding really positive about that board and then said you thought the lotus was a bit too damp so I'm just not sure if you are referring to the lotus in the preceding paragraph as well.

Originally Posted by cocolulu View Post
I'm another Infinity owner (about the same height/weight/shoe size). I've also ridden Arbor and GNU.

I kind of agree with what Noreaster said. I've ridden ice on the Infinity, and as long as your edge is sharp, and you're not trying to speed-carve icy double blacks, the Infinity can handle it well.

For me at least, the Infinity is really damp like people say, and it's on the heavier side.

I do like GNU's C2BTX boards though (I hate hate hate their rocker boards). I imagine that the serrated edge would be really good if you ride in icy conditions all the time. Their boards are definitely lighter. I don't like how their tips are unprotected though (no metal edge on the tips! they get scuffed really badly).

Never Summer - heavier, damp, durable, great for high speed cruising
GNU - lighter, maybe holds edge on ice better

I have never tried the Lotus, so I can't say how it compares.

One board I've always wanted to try is the Smokin Vixen. It has GNU's magnetraction (supposedly a bit less aggressive?). But it's an all-mountain true twin, and it looks like you're looking at Directional boards.

I actually like Arbor boards a lot, but it's more of a light, nimble, playful board. It still rides groomers very well, but the board I rode (Cadence) is very different from the Push.
I remember looking into the Vixen as well ... can't remember why I took it off my list. All good points though, thanks.

Everyone is so helpful but I'm not actually sure if this is making my decision easier Oh well, I'll be more informed at least
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