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Originally Posted by smat View Post
gjsnowboarder: Thanks for replying! You hit the nail on the head - it's the first problem. Actually, I am great with managing my heel edge. It is going from heel-to-toe to begin the process of turning is where I am stuck. I am pretty bad with my toe edge (when I am looking up at the hill while trying to go down backwards with my board horizontal to the direction of the run). With the heel edge, I fall on my bum which isn't so bad and thus I have gotten good at it. With my toe edge though, I tend to fall on my face which isn't fun lol

The above link might help you out as it details through one riders difficulties and the suggestions to help understand and improve. Two things I would suggest first off before trying to jump straight to turns is: ONE: when you are just sliding straight down the hill with the board horizontal Think about standing up taller, with knees slightly bent and back straighter with your butt tucked in a little. Try to control your speed by pressing your uphill edge into the snow harder and to move faster not pressing as hard. DO this until you can come to a complete stop and keep standing. This should be for both edges( ie. looking up is toe-side, looking down is heel-side). TWO, Get traversing down next. Now let your nose point slightly diagonal down the run to either your left or right. Try to ride to the sides of the run. TO slow down use the pressing motion from above and turn up the hill by point the outside of your front foot, knee, hip, and shoulder up the run. Do this both way (toe/heel) until you can stop while still standing and not fall most of the time. Once this is accomplished then use the advice from the link to link turns. Sometimes not mastering an earlier skill of riding can make a later skill that mush harder. Hopefully, I didn't break it back to far.

Honestly though a lesson with someone watching you will do more amazing things for you then us on this site. Sometimes posting video of your riding can clarify your success and difficulties so that the feedback you can get here is more dialed in.
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