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Originally Posted by IdahoFreshies View Post
Being hands on and showing directly and doing instead of explaining in depth and using metaphors was a good point as well.
Since I was the one who first railed about imagery/metaphors I think I should comment further. I didn't mean to imply all imagery BAD. I just meant try to gauge the audience a bit more than some instructors have done with me.

My (older) son is six and has been on skis the past two seasons. He's had lots of lessons, so he's heard plenty about pizza slices and french fries. But he calls them "number 7" and "number 11" turns. So you'll hear me say "Let's see if we can do this whole run using 'number 11' turns."

This season he's trying snowboarding. (He'll have lessons.) I've done a little dry land prep with him. The "cereal box" image does nothing for him -- he doesn't get that at all. But we've come up with "scared to go down the hill" and "happy to go down the hill" as descriptions to coax out good body position. So we've played around standing sideways on the hill in our yard and on the sliding board at the playground, trying to get comfortable in "happy to go down the hill" position (athletic ready stance, perpendicular to the fall line, weight centered or forward) instead of "scared to go down the hill" (weight on back leg, front leg extended, and funny cringing-in-fear facial expressions). Should this have been the first thing to work on with him? I don 't know -- probably not. But you will be hearing me yell "Whee! Happy to go down the hill!" out on the slopes this season.

(There's a nice bit in one of those Snowprofessor videos where the guy adjusts the girl into the "happy to go down the hill" stance (only they don't call it that, of course). I'll show that to the kid one of these days just to prove that I'm not some wacko making this shit up.)

Sooner or later your legs give way, you hit the ground.

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