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Originally Posted by Soawsome View Post
Not to go off topic, but i figure there is several billy goat riders in this thread maybe one can chime in.

How does the goat compare to trice. I want a board a bit more aggresive and stable at speed then my trice.
I have a BG from a few years ago -10' I think 162
I've had a few trices over the years. 161.5- a camber and a C2
Own first generation diodes that were samples.

quick breakdown off the top of my head without looking at any tech:

- The BG is faster from Edge to edge as the TRICE is almost a ww wide and at times felt sluggish with my 9.5 boot.

- Bases are both decent speed wise but nothing special( IMO burton's WFO base is the fastest base on flat areas on the planet + holds wax better than libs)

- The mTx has been toned down on the TRICE over the years and is much less aggressive.. The BG mtx is even more mellow and barely noticeable.- both hold a great edge with the TRICE being more aggressive.

- Flex wise, the BG is a tad stiffer - TRICE is a twin flex/shape with centered stance and BG is Directional twin with a setback stance--- they are considered mid/stiff for boards these days, but both can be pressed. They feel like noodles compared to my Rossi Experience.

- BG is not super stiff torsionally. Can't remember the TRICE as I sold it.

- TRICE is poppier.

- Both are pretty stable at speed(as stable as c2 can be- you will feel chatter if you really open up)---

- BG has some dampening tech in it and is smoother/damper than the TRICE. BG really shines off piste in open variable terrain.

- Both do pretty well in deep snow-- I've ridden the BG in a few feet at Wolf creek and it excels.-- Rice is wider so it floats well too.

- To sum it up - I liked them both.
I still own the BG and sold the TRICE because the WW was not working with my boot size. Both boards are solid all mountain/freeride decks with the Rice leaning freestyle and the Goat Freeride. My issue was with the WW on the rice.
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