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Originally Posted by david_z View Post
It was weird, like a pinchy crampy discomfort. I don't think that I have particularly high arches, I've never had any problem in other sports like running, rugby, basketball, etc., all which use very different shoes & support systems, but for some reason, I would get this weird discomfort in my leading foot when snowboarding. So, I'm not really sure what caused it, but the Shred Soles seem to have helped; I don't think it's happened the past 2 seasons and prior to that, it was something I always just lived with, going back to like 1996 or so.
I had this problem as well, I think part of it s having lower legs tightness (calf, shin, peroneus) along with tough tissue in the sole of your foot. Getting better fitting boots that lock down your heel and a custom footbed that let the bottom of your foot relax both will help.

You can see this yourself - while in snowboard stance bend you knees deeply while keeping your heels on the ground. You will notice you will hinge at the ankles and your weight feel pretty even on the soles of your feet.

Then bend your knees while pushes down with your toes (i.e. firing your calf muscle) that effective keeps you ankle from hinging. Sit there for a moment and focus on where you feel your weight. I think you will feel a lot of "pressure" in the middle of your foot where you arch is. Now imagine holding this position for hours of snowboarding... with the added G forces of snowboarding.

Muscle you need to stretch - calf (gastroc, soleus), shin (anterior tibalis), peroneus (kind of on the side) and flexor/extensor digitorum (toe muscles).

Getting a golf ball and roll the bottom of your foot helps as well.
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