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Originally Posted by Butters View Post
Hey everyone, I just need some help picking out a new board and not sure where to start. My current board is an old 06 Salomon Forecast ERA I bought second hand but I find the board too heavy.

I'm heading into my 4th season of snowboarding so I'm not that good but definitely not a beginner. I just started going off small jumps last season, I'd like to start getting into bigger ones and get more air out of them. I don't spend a lot of time in the park right now but it might be something I'd like to try to get into when I get better.

Some boards I've been considering from K2 are Raygun and Playback. I've heard some good things about the Ride Machete but I feel like it might more of an advanced board. I'd say the main thing I'm looking for is a light board with good landing stability. Speed isn't that important to me but I don't want a flimsy board that'll shake or wash out at decent speeds so I'd want a board close to the middle in terms of stiffness. I'm not limited to only these boards though. I can only get a good deal on any K2 or Ride board, which is why it's gotta be either of them. Preferably under $400 but if you guys can really convince me its worth it, I'll go up to $500.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions!!
What is your weight, and what length Forecast were you riding (why did you find it too heavy)?

I've heard from BurtonAvenger that the RayGun is a very solid choice.
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