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Originally Posted by duh View Post
I like the Nikes, they are a comfy boot that lasts longer than the average boot. I know quite a few very experienced riders who have put 100+ days on them with no issues. I tried to hate on them when they entered the industry, even gave Danny no end of shit when he signed with them. I stayed away from them until 2 seasons ago and finally got a pair of Kaijus to test, instant love. I held on to them after testing and have put many, many days on them since.

As far as them being an outside company trying to break into our industry: K2 and Ride are owned by a giant conglomerate with no action sports background, Vans is a boat shoe company owned by Vanity Fair, Thirty-Two is a skate shoe company, Salomon is a ski company, DC is a skate clothing company (droors) that is now owned by a surf clothing company... There are very few snowboard specific companies making boots, and those that are either make shit boots or hire people from companies like Nike to help develop the technology.

The truth is that Nike has a long history of making shoes and boots for a large base of applications. Nike is not afraid to throw money at product development. They had a rocky start with some horrible liners but instead of dying they completely revamped the entire liner, with great success. The best part of the whole Nike boot is that every other stagnant boot manufacturer has had to step up their game over the last few seasons to compete for customers.

I'm back in Vans for the most part this season and truly miss my Nikes.
Bahaha they last long. They're made of cardboard. They do not last. Everyone I know blows them apart in 60 days.

K2 has no sporting background? They got their start making skis... Their parent company started by making sleeping bags. Nice try there. Ride started as an independent brand. Vans did start off with a boat shoe yeah, but they didn't start making real money till Dogtown got ahold of the Era's. Their legitimate heritage is skate shoes. And since when is starting as a skate shoe company before boots a bad thing? Did snowboarding not evolve from skating?
Salomon, fine. Maybe read THIS though, and they make some of the best boots on the market with one of the most universal fits. I sell more Salomon's than anything else. Including Nikes. I can literally say nothing, and just put them in whatever Nike they ask for and then a Salomon and 9 times out of 10 they'll pick Salomon. Oh and I guess you'll have to boycott Volcom now as they're owned by Prada.

Nike learned with SB that they don't necessarily need to make a great product to sell it. It has a swoosh, it will sell.

I have some Ites sitting here in front of me. They DO NOT look or feel like a $400 boot. Traditional laces for fucks sake, are you shitting me? Traditional laces on a $400 boot? Wanna know what a $400 boot should get you? Go look at Deeluxe Spark XV's. Or Flow Hylites which give you zonal boa AND zonal liner lacing. K2 Thraxis that gives you dual zone and boa Conda. Not to mention I've had to re-lace and replace the locks on I think 6 or 7 pairs of this years Nikes already. I welcome Adidas cause they'll kick Nike in the ass, and Nike needs a kick in the ass.

Nike's outerwear is great though.

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