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Originally Posted by NJMurtagh View Post
I just bought my first board, it's a Sims Pristine true twin. I'm just curious of the advantages and disadvantages of a twin vs a directional board. I've always rented gear, so I don't know for sure what I was riding before. I'd say I'm an intermediate rider, I have control and I can carve well. I'd like to get into the terrain park eventually. Anyway, any input would be great!

Oh and please don't tell me I bought a crappy board or anything cause I don't wanna hear it!
A directional board can (it's not guaranteed) can be better at riding in different snow conditions. Some boards has a longer upturn nose with a slightly different shape which is better for riding in powder and for blasting through cruddy snow. At the same time, it can have a stiffer tail for better snap out of turns. A narrower tail (taper) also lets the tail sink more for better powder floatation and quicker release from turns. A setback stance is better for more control at higher speeds, and better floatation in powder (because your weight is already shift back).

A true twin is a tiny bit easier to ride and land switch - but it's not important below 540s in my opinion... maybe not even then. A Burton Fish is about as directional board as you can get, super setback, huge taper, and a cutout tail...

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