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Originally Posted by NJMurtagh View Post
I just bought my first board, it's a Sims Pristine true twin. I'm just curious of the advantages and disadvantages of a twin vs a directional board. I've always rented gear, so I don't know for sure what I was riding before. I'd say I'm an intermediate rider, I have control and I can carve well. I'd like to get into the terrain park eventually. Anyway, any input would be great!

Oh and please don't tell me I bought a crappy board or anything cause I don't wanna hear it!

True twin really (should) mean 3 things. Perfectly symetrical outline (from the true waist out to the tip and tail), Perfectly symetrical flex (from the true waist out to the tip and tail) and centerred inserts (no setback). A lot of boards that have twin in their description do not meet all of the above.

True twins can be majorly fun as play boards, park boards and general freestyle decks, but they do have limitations. boards with some setback and asymetrical flex are easier going for riding up over pow, crud etc. Sidecut shaping can be tweaked on directional decks to rip into hardpack better (with or without wavy edges).

Let us know a little more about the deck that you bought and we will be able to tell you more. There are still big differences between individual true twins.
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