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Originally Posted by grafta View Post
Yeah, we get it dude. You like the boards you like. This guy wanted pro's and cons, and the perks of a true twin. You're just sounding like you think everyone else is wrong. Not flaming, just an observation
well each OP is a new person. Plus if you read my previous post I gave a much longer pro ovs con breakdown.

I think there are a lot of poseurs who give advice based on what they read from their computer chair instead of actual experience. That Is why I started to include videos of myself so people can see what kind of rider I am and then decide if in worth listening to.

If you spin 540 and switch 720 and say you prefer a true twins I will totally believe you. But if all you can do is a 180... then don't go recommending true twins with being truthful about your own abilities.

Same is true when talking about short vs long boards.
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