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Originally Posted by grafta View Post
You saying people who are less skilled than you are liars? Sorry, I just think the way you write sounds condescending. But whatever, it's teh interwebz
No, I'm not saying that... read the exact wording my post (it's quoted in your post):

Originally Posted by lonerider
But if all you can do is a 180... then don't go recommending true twins with[out] being truthful about your own abilities
There is nothing wrong with sharing your experiences with other people - that's why this forum exists. The problem is when people are not being truthful about themselves and "where" they got the information they are giving.

If you didn't get this information from firsthand experience, you should say "I was told that twin boards are better for switch riding" instead of saying "If you ever ride switch, you need to get a true twin" In the second version, you are passing off someone else's experiences/knowledge as your own and that' is not being truthful. It gets worse over time, because the advice gets mangled over times as it get passed on from person to person - like a game of telephone.

I used be much more mellow in my advice... but I found out that my voice gets crowded up by people who I frankly think don't know what they are talking about sometimes (they might mean well, but they are wrong). Just recently one person was suggested shorter park boards for better spins to someone just starting out in park, but later admitted they never go into the park and were just repeating something they had heard. I found I need to take a much stronger stance, otherwise I think people just randomly chime in with random hearsay.

Originally Posted by grafta View Post
I got a true twin because I aspire to be able to ride switch. I find it much easier to wrap my head around going the 'wrong' way if things are symmetrical.
See if everyone gave the full details like you just did.... I'm totally fine with that. I might disagree with it... but then it's just a straight up debate of opinions. However, I'm pretty sure you get a little lazy writing post and just shorten it to "get a twin to ride switch" a lot of the twins, and I think is not beneficial to the OP.

I try to be very clear about who I am, what I can do... so that people can make a fair judgment of whether to trust what I'm saying as true. This is the interwebz and someone who has never snowboarded before (or has limited firsthand knowledge about what they are talking about) could post anything and a lot of novice snowboarders might believe them.

So back to my original point to NJMurtagh:
If you are just starting out in park... just ride and not worry about your board so much. Eventually you will get good enough to develop your own preferences. A 180 is a 180 pretty much any board, switch riding is switch riding on pretty much any board. Once you get better and decide that all you want to do is park.... then go for the true twin at that time.
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