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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
1. put the fucking cameras away and learn to snowboard at average speeds on green runs without running into people

2. stay the fuck out of the park, especially off the jump line if all you are doing is trying to get someone who is actually hitting it at speed hurt (yes that is what you are doing rolling slowly over the lip of a proper sized booter, fucksticks)- FUCK YOU

3. seriously put the fucking cameras away. you're embarrassing yourselves. showing you guys having a drink and then destroying an innocent skier? FUCK YOU.

4. fuck off.

in conclusion, lose the fucking cameras and fuck off.

this video looks more like EVIDENCE than anything else to me, hopefully that lady sees it and knows a lawyer. IDIOTS

how is this video/thread still up after 2 weeks with only tiny flames? lol happy to oblige.

snowbummer, aptly named.
Originally Posted by hktrdr View Post
+1. Nicely put.

you guys are terrible riders

for realzzz.

i just wasted 7 minutes of my life
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