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Originally Posted by Noreaster View Post
Yesterday I had to go to ER with what I sincerely hope is a herniated (and not ruptured) l-spine disc. Not a result of some crazy acrobatics or weight lifting - just bent down to zip my boot up and that was it.

I'm shot full of hydromorphone and Valium and able to slowly walk around but sitting is not an option at this point. Going for MRI tomorrow (they don't do it out of ERs anymore).

I'm just hoping beyond all hope that this is something that's going to resolve quickly with physical therapy and maybe some anti-inflammatories. I know its likely not possible but I'm pretty much in shock and absolutely refuse to believe that my season might be done before it even began.

If anyone who's gone through this has any good suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

P.S. heat packs help but not for long, lidocaine patches don't do shit.
how old?

first time?

I seriously threw my back out for the first time about 15 years ago(about 21-22), and I couldnt move. The ER and normal doctors don't do shit but give you drugs. Don't get me wrong drugs are awesome.

I was lucky and went to one of the best therapists I've ever seen since. He gave me heat + electric + about 60-100 needles of acupuncture, some super mild chiropractic (for the initial injury they usually take chiro pretty easy, but next week and next month a solid regemen of it will do you great). Cannot reccommend accupuncture enough, although IMO 2-3 treatments a year is good - haven't been forever but if I find a doc on the ins. I will hit it for sure.

My back has been completely fucked since then but miraculously that was also the worst it ever "went out".



cycle -ice - heat - ice- on it.


*I am not a doctor but my back is FUCKED and has been for a long time, but it doesnt slow me down. Get good aftermarket insoles at the least, customs orthos if you can, these make a huge difference if you spend any reasonable time on your feet. Good shoes also.

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