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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
how old?

first time?

I seriously threw my back out for the first time about 15 years ago(about 21-22), and I couldnt move. The ER and normal doctors don't do shit but give you drugs. Don't get me wrong drugs are awesome.

I was lucky and went to one of the best therapists I've ever seen since. He gave me heat + electric + about 60-100 needles of acupuncture, some super mild chiropractic (for the initial injury they usually take chiro pretty easy, but next week and next month a solid regemen of it will do you great). Cannot reccommend accupuncture enough, although IMO 2-3 treatments a year is good - haven't been forever but if I find a doc on the ins. I will hit it for sure.

My back has been completely fucked since then but miraculously that was also the worst it ever "went out".



cycle -ice - heat - ice- on it.


*I am not a doctor but my back is FUCKED and has been for a long time, but it doesnt slow me down. Get good aftermarket insoles at the least, customs orthos if you can, these make a huge difference if you spend any reasonable time on your feet. Good shoes also.
I'm 40 and with a fair number of injuries in the past; drugs don't seem to work well for me anymore. Yes, I have a feeling physical therapy is forthcoming and I do have a good therapist. But didn't think about acupuncture - thank you for that suggestion, I'll look into it. It's not the first time I throw my back but never this badly and never by a simple act of slightly bending down. I'm just hoping to high haven its not a ruptured disc and I can get away with conventional treatments and not require surgery.

Thanks for your help.
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