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Originally Posted by GreyDragon View Post
I own a LT Banana Magic 161 and a LT TRice 161.5 (for different types of riding).

I've been advised that the TRice is too wide for my boot size (9) and should look for a regular sized board to replace that one.

From the LT website, the waist width on the two boards is 25.5 and 26 respectively.

So I want opinions on whether the TRice is too wide for me. Does that extra 1/2 cm make the TRice that much more unmanageable versus the Banana Magic?
Seems a bit extreme of an assumption, but I would like some opinions.

Waist width does not matter. What matters is width at the inserts/binding positions, as this determines whether you are are able to pressure/work the edge effectively.
Both the T. Rice and the Magic are quite wide boards, at least what would be considered mid-wide. The Magic has such a deep sidecut that it is actually wider in the nose and tail than the T. Rice, so around the inserts they are probably fairly similar in width.

And yes, I would consider both of those boards too wide for a size 9 foot. How much do you weigh?
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