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Originally Posted by buckeyeguy View Post
Need some advice from those who know a lot more than me...

I'm a 6'4" 235lb guy wearing size 12 ThirtyTwo STW Boa's. I started boarding a little bit ago and loved it. Now that I finally have a good feel for it, I am taking the plunge to get all my own gear this year. I just ordered a 2012-13 Never Summer SL (161) but will likely need to swap it into a similar sized (or slightly longer) Legacy since it's a mid-wide (got them confused while ordering). I wanted to get a good all-round board since I plan to vary my day up on the hill. Around here, I mostly like cruising groomers, hitting some natural kickers and will seek out powder when I get out West. But since Ohio's got nothing going on in terms of slopes, I also plan to play in the park a bit here and there just to mix it up.

My question is this...I am planning on putting some Ride bindings on the board, but am unsure on which model. Despite my interest in this year's new Flows and the advantages of step-ins in Ohio (our runs are less than 30 seconds long and you're constantly strapping in), I was talked out of them by all the seasoned vets I floated the idea past. They all pointed me in the direction of Ride bindings. So, I was curious what you guys would recommend. I was thinking of going with the Rodeo's but I'm also considering the Capo's. The Rodeo seems to be plenty of binding for my build and style of riding (plus it may be a bit softer and more forgiving for my less-experienced skill level), but I didn't know if it was too soft given my height and weight. Should I go with the Capo, which seems like a monster but is potentially more responsive? Or should I go with the Rodeo, which is more forgiving but potentially too soft?

Any thoughts you have would be welcomed. Thanks much! It's great to have a forum like this to share ideas and get feedback.
Hey there,

I can chime in here because I have both of those bindings. The rodeo highback is most definitely softer than the capo high back, however I don't really notice the difference in any of the rest of the construction. The ankle strap is a little better on the capo in my opinion but the ankle strap on the rodeo is by no means bad. I have really had no problem with either binding and they both fit the boards that I have them on (Rodeo on NS Revolver and Capo on NS Heritage X). So it really comes down to what kind of riding you want to do. If you really want to charge the mountain, I would suggest the Capo, if you want something a little more forgiving and playful, I would go with the Rodeo.

However, I choose Ride bindings because I have a size 14 boot and they make bindings just big enough to fit that. I've also found that flow XL bindings fit. Now I'm sure your friends had a reasonable explanation as to why not to get flow bindings, however my friend has the new NX2 bindings and he loves them. I messed around with the 11/12 flow bindings and I thought they were also nice. So I wouldn't rule them out just yet. Also with your size foot you can try all kinds of bindings really. I'm limited because of the size of my boot, but you aren't. If I were you, I would go to a shop and try out a bunch of different brand bindings and see which one you like the most.
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