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Originally Posted by gjsnowboarder View Post
Bummer man, that sure sucks!!! I'm sure he told you this, but be carefull getting air born, especially with flat landings. I do know that you can ride with a blown out ACL and torn miniscus, I did it for a little over a month. Definitely try to get get an upgrade brace that will help out both the miniscus and ACL. If anything the Miniscus is the most worriesome part to damage further. They can't exactly replace those. I would probably look at a lot of swimming and low impact exercises like biking. Did he give you a list pre-hab exercises? I know that with my first knee surgery I did a month of pre-hab prior to the surgery to try and lessen the impact of immobility after the surgery.
Definite bummer. Yeah the meniscus is probably the biggest concern.. considering I have already had a trim once. Also probably the source of most of my pain as my knee actually feels pretty stable.

Good news was that arthritis did not appear bad in my knee (he expected worse) so i'll take that. I have a prehab worksheet from them and a buddy that is a PT. I have asked him to put together a routine for me. Will definitely try and keep up with biking.

Edit: Interestingly.. just reading up on things, it sounds like it is not that uncommon to not feel pain when you "re-tear" a graft since the nerves aren't really there, guess that could be why I never noticed anything outside my knee just not feeling right and the pain likely coming form my meniscus issue.

My MD was actually pretty funny.. before he told me the bad news, he said, let me ask you this, If I said we are heading to Whistler tomorrow, are you coming with me given how your knee feels? I said 100% in.. he just laughed.

Air to flat is definitely a no no for me.. thing is, I have a feeling I may have already put in 2 seasons with this because that has been an issue. Anything close to a flat landing and I was in pain. I can hit natural features, rollers, lips... but forget about steep angle take offs as well.

And I guess the other positive note is that it will be a cadaver replacement versus my original patella style.. so I won't have that trauma to deal with on top of the ligament repair.

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