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Originally Posted by buckeyeguy View Post
All- Thanks much for your responses...they've been very helpful.

Toomeyct- Good to know there are other big-footed guys in this sport! Interesting (and helpful) that you have both setups. I think I will primarily be cruising groomers, hitting powder with some ski buddies, doing some trees and natural jumps, and for the most part, staying out of the park, except on days where I get bored doing the other stuff (or at least until I get more comfortable and skilled on my board). I like that the SL gives me good flexibility to do it all, but will probably be most concerned about maintaining control when I find myself getting too much speed on slopes above my skill level. It sounds like the Capo may be the way to go based on that and your feedback. I think I'd prefer control over playfulness (at least for now) and may need the extra strength in the binding given my size.

Nivek- Thanks for the feedback as well. I agree with you--my guess is most people hold a pre-conceived view of rear-entry bindings or at least that their view didn't keep pace with the innovation that has gone on in the space. Sounds like the newest Flows may be the way to go, especially for the slopes here in Ohio. I'm going to check them out (per your recommendation). Quick question--do you find the lack of a traditional toe strap gives you less responsiveness/control? I like the Capo's toe strap quite a bit (very responsive) and noticed that the pictures of the new Flows have a toe strap option, but it does not go over the top of the boot and instead is used to secure the front of the boot in the binding. Any thoughts?
No problem man. Its always nice to chat with people who are in a similar situation as myself. I see all these guys on the hill who are 150 lbs and riding narrow boards and small bindings. I just can't relate to those people.

From your description, I think the Capo may fit you the best out of the Ride lineup. Though I wouldn't say you would overpower the Rodeo by any means. I'm a bigger guy myself 6'1", 225 and I don't feel like I am too big for the Rodeo. Its just a different binding for a different kind of riding. I usually get that board and binding out when I just want to mess around that day.

As far as your question about flows, I've tried out the 11/12 version of Flows without their toe strap and my friend has the 12/13 version flows with the normal Flow strap. From the reviews that I read, the toe strap really doesn't do anything other than stop the boot. It doesn't really add the response that a toe cap does on traditional bindings. I've only ridden them once and didn't really notice that much of a difference. They felt a bit looser but I got used to it quickly. The new Flow NX2's have the NASTY system so you can get them a lot tighter now and still get into them if them not being as tight as traditional bindings bothers you. My friend went from traditional bindings with a toe cap to Flow bindings and he won't go back. He loves them.
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