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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
I've mentioned this before, and it may be a Canada only thing but I carry the "Ski Key" lock everywhere. Every mountain I've ever been to in Canada has them, and I'm pretty sure the mountains I've hit in VT and NH had them too...

Just checked their site and they're based in Whistler, so maybe they don't have full integration in the US yet? The resorts have to buy their racks from them, or make something similar themselves I guess?

I lock my board every time it's out of my site. Even if I'm just heading inside to take a 1 minute leak...
Pretty sure we don't have those kind of racks in Colorado though, Ours are like that though, but just a simple "UUUU"shape to rest your ski or board in, which is unfortunate because I see ski's or boards fall over or get knocked over all the time and no one has the time of day to pick them back up(probably don't want to look guilty lol). The best idea I've seen so far is to use a heavy duty bike lock, have a buddy watch it, or put it in your car.

Personally I just pee out in the woods, take lunch at my car, or if I must go in somewhere I'll either bring my board with me, or lean it against a window that will be in my site the entire time I'm in there. Unless of course its my rock board, then I just feel sorry for the person that steals it

Originally Posted by Gdog42 View Post
So how often do those bastards actually unscrew the binding off that has the lock on the get to the board?

Is that likely to happen? I might buy 2 locks for both bindings just in case, next time I go out west.

Also you don't have to worry about someone taking your bindings off with one of the cheezy locks because one simple twist or snip with some tin snips and your board is gone a lot quicker then taking bindings off. An extra lock just means an extra 2 seconds of work for the would be thief It's a decent deterrent though, like a small dog or putting security signs up around your house when you don't really have a security system. A thief will usually go the easier route if there's a "chance" you really do have a big dog or security system. Just put your board next to an even nicer one if you must haha

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