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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Along those same lines why was there unprecedented put options placed upon United and American Airlines stocks the day prior to the event? A put option on a stock is a way for an investor to not only not loose money should a stock value plummet, but actually make money from it. A lot of investors made a lot of money on 9-11 when the stock values of those two airlines went into the toilet.

Then there is the aviation angle. As a pilot myself, I highly doubt that the guys who sucked at landing a Cessna 172 in Phoenix could have flown those aircraft to the precise high performance standard it took to hit their targets.(they went to Pan Am Flight Academy right across the parking lot from where I attended; Westwind School of Aeronautics at the Deer Valley airport in Phoenix, Arizona). The Pentagon plane even more so. The piloting skill it took to hit that building at that speed and low altitude and angle took a very skilled pilot. The ground effect from a 757 at that speed is incredible when flying that low to the ground. No inexperienced pilot could have managed that without destroying the aircraft prior to impact from the stresses of flying in that configuration that low and at that speed; just not going to happen.
First, the put options is what strikes me the most about the events leading up to 9/11. I've heard the argument that it was due to American Airlines press release that they were retiring a bunch of planes and falling profits, but the sheer amount of put options in the 2 days up to 9/11 just can't be ignored, in my opinion.

Second, as I'm not a pilot, I can't fully understand what skills are needed to fly a plane low to the ground like that, but I completely respect the views from pilots stating someone who could barely fly a Cessna shouldn't have been able to fly a commercial that low to the ground without crashing. I also question why only a select few videos of the plane hitting the pentagon exist, when I've read that there should be a lot more videos of the event in existence.


It would shake the already faltering trust in our government and most likely cause a quite bloody revolution and leave us quite vulnerable. The government would left vacant.
No disrespect meant, but I highly doubt that. "Revolution" seems to be the word of the year in the US. Even if the government were to come out and say, "yep we did it", a revolution wouldn't happen. Sure people would go ape shit, a select few would be violent, but I don't believe a full-on bloody revolution would ever happen. I mentioned this before in another thread, but if groups of people decided to attack the fat cats in Washington, the people doing it would be labeled as domestic terrorists and slaughtered.

Going back to the conspiracy theorists. Regardless of what happens, conspiracy nuts will preach. I remember watching 9/11 happen and the cameraman filming some nut standing in a park spouting off that the government did it maybe an hour after the 2nd tower fell. Now that's bullshit, but once everything came out and people started digging into the events, there's a hell of a lot of coincidences that day.
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