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Its not a conspiracy theory if you simply say the evidence and observations don't fit with the official version of events.

Its common sense to ask for an independent investigation.

To demand that investigation.

You can focus on any part of 9-11 and it is full of miraculous coincidences and very (impossible) hard to explain phenomenon.

I will pick up a couple, but there are countless others.

When the pentagon was hit the descent and approach needed has been shown (by pilots for 9-11 truth) to be of the highest order of difficulty for even top class pilots. Do you think you could fly a huge passenger jet after a couple of lessons in a tiny propeller plane?

Fly it through extremely difficult manoeuvers?

Not possible.

At the pentagon there were no marks from the wings at the impact zone and not enough debris to account for a large passenger plane.

The pentagon was not hit by a passenger aircraft as noted by highly qualified people (from 911 patriots) whos professional military career was based on analyzing such crash events (Read the link, its all there).

The "plane" hit the only side of the pentagon (1 of 5) that was empty, under renovation and full of documents relating to 2 trillion missing dollars that Rumsfeld announced on September 10th, the day before.
The announcement is easy to find and on record.

Thats 2 trillion of your tax money lost and the documentation was all destroyed by those pesky terrorists.

Black boxes are made from the strongest materials known to man and designed to withstand plane crashes and explosions and record precisely what went wrong in the cockpit (If they cannot survive crashes they are entirely pointless).

All 8 were destroyed or rendered unable to retrieve data from, even the ones that crashed away from the twin tower fires.

The black boxes were destroyed somehow in the impact or fireball, yet a paper passport apparently fully intact was found a few blocks from the towers the next day.

The passport was found despite the fact that everything was covered with a thick layer of dust and debris that fell after and on top of the fallen passport because the towers fell well after the plane impacted.

That magical passport just happened to belong to one of the terrorists, clearly identifying one of the Muslim suspects, "yes, thats it, it was them" said everybody watching on TV.

I don't know why or who exactly, I can only speculate.

I would suggest if one follows the money, one might find the guilty party.

What is clear is we need to have another more in depth look at everything that happened that day.

Or wait, forget about demanding an inquiry, lets watch the NBA its the Heat Vs the Celtics, yeah, go Lebron.
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