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I am going to break with the consensus.

With only 2 days on the mountain this season, I don't think that a lesson will make a whole lot of difference.

Your wakeboarding background will help a bit, but you will still spend your first day falling on your tuckus until your brain learns how to discern which points of balance in which context will make you fall/turn/stop/do a 720 cork/whatever.

Presuming you've figured out how to (more or less) stop and turn on your first day, your second day will be spent trying to link some/all of the above and getting used to skooching/skating on one leg.... or doing drills if that is your thing.

I don't think you'll get anything out of a lesson at this point that you would not get watching a good instructional video and going to the hill with a plan.

Unlike many of the regular posters on the forum, i am a self taught snowboarder and I did it 3-4 days at a time per trip, taking 1 or 2 trips per year. My first snowboarding trip ever was a 3-day trip to Snow King & Jackson Hole, where the only time I spent on a green was to get back to the lift. Blues and (a few) blacks were what I learned on.

While I agree that a lesson would have eased my learning curve (if not my very sore muscles), I wouldn't have retained much 'muscle memory' from a lesson at that stage without any kind of foundation.

As soon as I figured out the basics of how to (albeit, crappily) link a turn on one side... I sat down at a mid-slope lodge and spent about 15-20 minutes just watching more experienced snowboarders as they came down the same slope I was training myself on (some better than others).

I would save the lesson for a season when you have more time on the hill. I think that you will get much more out of a private lesson if you can already stop, turn, and skate one-legged on a board. Doing this will leave enough time for instruction and work on leaning, body position, proper weighting, etc.... and it will actually stick.

IMO, the best advice you could get at this point is making sure you have good boots, comfortable bindings, and a board that will lend itself to easy learning.

If you are a skier already, the you already know the basics... you just need to teach your body how they apply sideways with your legs tethered down.

Anyways, that is my opinion and I am sure that about a dozen snow bums will chime in to tell me why I don't know what I'm talking about

Oh, last bit of advice... stay TF out of the park for your first few days!

Read on another forum: "If someone held a gun to my head and said, "You have to move to Salida tomorrow", I'd probably do it. If they told me I had to go to Breckenridge instead, I think I'd just let them pull the trigger."

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