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Default Poor Jackson Hole Experience

So I was planning a snowboard trip over Thankgiving. I was banking on getting some college passes at resorts since they are so cheap and if you are riding for more than 5 days at a location it is usually worth it. So I get my pass to Sugarloaf, then I get an invite to Jackson Hole, so I look in to getting their college pass.

Turns out their sale ended at midnight on the 24th of November. I call at noon on the 25th (not realizing the sale ended mere hours before) and let them know I am a grad student looking for a pass. They tell me it is too damn bad and that I missed the sale by a day. I ask to speak to a manager, they tell me no but I can email the season pass people. I could understand this if there was a $50 increase in price after the 24th, but the fucking pass is completely unavailable after the 24th, so the only options is shelling out 1000 dollars for tickets or buying a full adult season pass.

Anyways I send a nice, respectful email (the same day) explaining my situation and how I would be staying at Jackson Hole for 10 days, and how I missed the sale by 12 hours and I was hoping they could help out a poor grad student who wouldn't be able to afford the trip otherwise.

Again, this time from the manager, I am told too bad, I missed the sale and maybe if I had looked at the site sooner I would have seen that the sale was going to end...

I was really shocked, because being part of a resort community out east (and being employed by them), I know we would totally hook someone up if they missed the "promo" pricing by 12 fucking hours. I mean 3 or 4 days I can understand, but seriously?!?! 12 hours and you can't help me out?

I'm also pretty sure this was because I was looking for a college pass. If I was looking for an adult pass 12 hours after the "pre-season" sale ended, I bet I would have gotten hooked up.

This experience just really soured my feelings toward Jackson Hole.
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