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Default Question about first wax

Hello guys, my board just came in and I just got done waxing it (it's now drying)... I used Snowolf's guide and everything turned out well... or so I thought...

When I was finished I picked up the board and some parts on the topsheet felt very hot to the touch. I was trying to make sure it would only get so warm as I was waxing by touching it once in a while, and moving the iron around at all times like the vid, etc, but did not realize that some parts were actually hot until I picked it up when I was done. It was noticeably hot inn parts when I have read to not let it get hotter than warm.

I was running my iron at 125-135 degrees C.

Is there any change I did some damage to my new board?

If it matters, it's a sintered 7500 base.

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