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Meh, I dunno...

I'm not pissed off, I just think it's funny that I mentioned something to the effect of I think the guys in this movie are a little on the douchey side.

Didn't say fuck-all about skills or fan-boys or anything really. I just noted while trying to watch that fucking series (and turning it of when I coudn't take it anymore) that I would in no way want to hang out with these guys.

Even if I was along for free getting free private lessons from top pros and staying in sick lodges with free heli trips, I would still rather be elsewhere. That's all... They just seemed more than a little "douchey".

Somehow that's now about who is a snowboarding god, who is klinger's butt-buddy, and how many times I've been snowboarding?...


Originally Posted by KIRKRIDER View Post
Sorry I missed to read that you guys are already all pissed off and shit. Who's winning?

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