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Originally Posted by phony_stark View Post
D00de, post pics of that milk and mars bar soon!
Originally Posted by oldmate View Post
Review would be nice too. Am keen on these on these but just want to hear people's opinions first. Tossing up between Mars and Twix. I hear twix is the only bar with the cookie crunch?
Setup: 2ltr Semi Skimmed Milk, Mars Bar (regular).

What more can be said about Mars, its the signature product and stands alone above other products such as twix and snickers.. its been tried and tested and still the best selling in the Mars Incorporated lineup, theres a reason for that.

The mars itself hasnt changed much in recent years, we've still got the same graphics but if rumours are to be believed they've added more caramel to help with the flex this season. The flex on this thing is amazing, you can bend it and throw it around like a cheap 2 dollar thai hooker. Try flexing a twix like that and it'll snap in two like, well, a cheap 2 dollar thai hooker. Construction overall is good too, I dipped into a cup of tea and it held together real well. Its gonna handle much better in colder conditions but don't be worried if its hot out there, it will melt quicker than the snickers but it'll still do the job.

I know what you want to ask. Was 2 litres of milk too much to handle with just a regular mars? I gotta admit, yes. Unlike Ron Burgundy I don't believe milk is ever a bad choice, but after a litre I was feelin a bit sick and had ran outa mars. If I had the twix regular on the mountain I'd definately opt for the full fat milk, it would work much better with the stiffer twix.. but the light milk and the super soft mars worked well together, just don't forget to size down from the 2ltr option!

Fatty in mind: People who arnt in the mood to rush things, those who are probably too stoned to chew so just like to suck on the nougat and are quite happy with the white stuff spillin down their throat.

Overall it was a great pairing. I'm a mars incorporated fanboy and don't like to wander too far from their products. I'm hearing they are doing some good work over at Cadburys at the minute so im tempted to check out whats on offer. If I head to the shop next time I might try out a coke/milky way mix.
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