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well call me w/e you want, but I actually liked the movie, now granted the fucking actors suck balls, the movie itself is not that bad. M. Night Shyamalan in my opinion is a great director, yes I agree he has made better movies, but this movie does not deserve a 20%. If i would have to rate it, I would give it a 70% the only thing holding it bad are the actors.

Note, I knew what I was waking into as I read some spoilers before going, plus I am a Big Big fan of M. Night Shyamalan work, so my review is a bit biased .

Mark Wahlberg SUCKS, he is the worst fucking actor in the world, that piece of shit fucked up the movie.

the ending is not as bad as other movies, but I do have to agree that he could of done a bit better in that part.

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