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Not that it matters, but:

1. Go back and re-read just my posts. I never said fuck-all about "snowboarding". I simply said I was watching a series and the guys in it seemed a bit douchey to me. (Except John Jackson who although he is maybe the most goofy also seemed pretty chill and genuinely thrilled to be doing what he was doing). Not saying anything about the other guy, but I didn't say shit about skills, events, rankings, or whatever. My "opinion" had fuck-all to do with "snowboarding".

2. As for the name dropping and the smileys, it was a joke people. Hence the smileys all over it to convey a jovial manner. I'll try to use smaller words and type slower in future so you catch on.

3. Once the personal attacks started I went along just for the fun of it. Nothing like a retarded forum flame war. Everybody knows that fighting on the internet is like the Special Olympics. Even if you win you are still retarded.

4. Shit got out of hand and people got all pissed off and started talking shit about death and shit. At which point I made a quick exit.

5. Has anyone actually watched that series? Of course not... That was the whole point. I watched 2 or 3 episodes and thought "fuck this, these guys are douches". I don't really give a fuck if you agree or not. Now if you want to fight, stick you head further up your ass and fight for air. I'm out...

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