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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
The irony here is that one of the biggest offenders in that thread (not BA or Shred) actually reported the post and demanded we do something about BA and Shred and you know who you are...... If youre going to pick a fight on the internet and be an equal combatant, dont go crying to the moderators and admins when someone hands you your ass on a plate.

This also is not about "taking things serious on the internet", it is about the main purpose of this forum being a place for people to gain legitimate advice about everything snowboarding in an evironment that is overall welcoming and friendly. Heated exchanges are fine and we allow these things to go on and are very liberal in our moderating. However when a thread devolves into several pages of name calling, it has served its purpose and will be locked down. We rarely ban people here but unproductive threads are getting shut down.

As I said in that thread, having a proven track record of helping people and contributing goes a long way here and while I sometimes cringe at the delivery, these veteran members have earned some extra lattitude that a member with less than 6 months on the forum has. When you pick a fight with one, do not then send a report post to the admin team asking us to take action against your oponent. Had I not recieved that complaint, I would not have even looked at the thread. I could care less about pro snowboarders and stats and all of that spectator crap that so many people get all caught up in

Blunted nose`s point is correct, learn who these people are before jumping to the wildly innaccurate and silly conclusions that happened in that thread because a couple of people got butt hurt over the response they got.

Not everyone sees the internet as some freak show for their personal entertainment like MPD; some people are using it as a tool to gleen useful information and do not appreciate the high noise to signal ratio and juvenile antics that goes on with threads like that. The purpose of this forum is not to be a circus side show for a few weirdos to get their rocks off, but to actually serve the snowboarding community with access to good, reliable information.

Try to treat people as if they were standing in front of you and your having a conversation....
CaN i Haz Sn0wBrd L3ss0n's? You seem like a man of wisdom. I kind of wish you had the money and time to make reviews with BA, because they would be the best of both worlds, and fucking awesome... Honest but intelligent.
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