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Originally Posted by blunted_nose View Post
CaN i Haz Sn0wBrd L3ss0n's? You seem like a man of wisdom. I kind of wish you had the money and time to make reviews with BA, because they would be the best of both worlds, and fucking awesome... Honest but intelligent.
You would never be allowed to work with me. You are a fucktard.

Also as per the friend in an Avalanche that was a reference to friends/people I work with that are pro who have witnessed that. I've been lucky enough to not have to see my friends die in front of me, strangers yeah seen a few die over the years it happens, but friends we've been lucky except for the time I got airlifted out but that's a whole other story.

As far as the Internet and snowboarding. If you do not snowboard and want to step in the arena with me I will call anyone out. If you make a bonehead statement I will call you out. I might not spend all day answering questions on here anymore but be aware I can answer seriously 98% of them without even hesitating. Hence why I spend more time on my site than here.

Alaric, new shirts will be coming to the AS webstore hopefully in time for x mas but I have a feeling probably after the first of the year.
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