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Obviously, the data shows that our global climate is changing.

What is up for debate is whether or not mankind is causing it directly, indirectly, or accelerating it in a meaningful (and therefore controllable way).

The deniers will point out that the vast amount of CO2 emissions are naturally occurring (95-97%?). The advocates will point out that man-made emissions have never been higher, are increasing rapidly and have/are pushing things over the tipping point at which our planet can recover. Basically arguing that while we may only account for 3-5%, but that's 3-5% that our planet has never had to deal with before.

Deniers will say (quite correctly) that our planet has always gone through hot and cold cycles and that this is just one more. Advocates will say that all the evidence (rock/ice cores, sea water tests, atmospheric test, etc.) shows that it's never been like this before.

Deniers will say that the earth can and will repair itself. That seems to be true in the case of the ozone hole in the southern hemisphere. Advocates will point out that, even after the ban on leaded gas, the amount of lead in ice samples and atmospheric tests has only slowed, but has not declined.

In my mind, there's not much of a choice to make. If the advocates of climate change turn out to be correct, then this is probably the last window of opportunity to do something or we're all screwed. If the deniers are correct, then nothing we do will make any difference. Given the choice between doing nothing and hoping for the best or doing something and hoping that we're not too late, then I'll opt for doing something.

I think we should start by weaning ourselves off our addiction to fossil fuels. I'm not suggesting we cap every oil well tomorrow, but we need to invest in ways to live our lifestyles without using fossil fuels. I'm certainly not saying that we're there yet, but progress is being made.

For example, my City has just opened 2 free electric car recharging stations at City Hall. Since I work within a few blocks, I'm now considering an electric car as my next commuter vehicle ( gas?)

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