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Can we all just get along? I'm sick of this shit. I don't want to argue. That's not why I joined this forum.

Even though in the end I was also being just as aggressive, I was the guy who reported one of the opposing posts. Why? Simply to show how immature the other person was being- not to get the people who run this site on my side, as Snowolf put it. Sure, later on I also got out of hand just as badly, but we don't need to continue this shit.

I was also the guy who used what BA said about the apparent "death of a snowboarder" to fire right back at him. I did that ONLY because he made it sound like he had witnessed a death and was then just trying to brag about it, which would be obscene. Because of how childish he was sounding, (which I know he usually isn't), I could in no way believe that he really had witnessed a death while snowboarding, especially if he was using it to express his skill level to another user with the intention of insulting him.

It's quite simple. No more arguing. I'm not going to debate or take any action against anyone who decides to hate on me, and I certainly will not post anything again that could possibly cause a conflict. People disagree with each other all the time. It's our nature, but there is no need to go balls-out and make it worse. If anybody disagrees with another user, it would be better to just calmly state why in a respectful way, or say nothing at all, myself included. We are not skiers therefore we are not supposed to be pissed at the world.

As my mother used to say: if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. We can disagree with each other, but there is no need to oppose each other. I've learned my lesson and I hope the other guys involved can do the same.
I'm the one who started all this shit and now I'm the one ending it. No more. It's over. Have a nice winter.

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