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Originally Posted by extra0 View Post
granted, I have no reference to that statistic...but it appears neither do you to yours...and I don't know how old your stats are.
Oil sands pollution comparable to ‘large power plant’, NASA data shows | News | Financial Post

25,000 ka of boreal forest to be destroyed? That's nothing. Canada has over 1 billion acres of boreal forest and that's only about 30% of the world's total.

25,000ka is the figure if the Oil Sands are expanded to maximum capacity and that can't happen for a long time even if it is economically viable. That's potential, not actual. By contrast, some estimates have over 50 million acres of rain forest being cleared annually right now, some 600 coal plants operate in the US right now, 52 coal mines producing 4 million tons of coal annually in the US are running right now.

The % of boreal forest that could affected by oil sands expansion is miniscule. The boreal forest extends around the world, part of it in Canada and the oil sands area is a small part of the Canadian Part.

If you want a target, then take a look in the mirror. You want to have an immediate effect? Close all coal fired generating stations in the US.

Not politically palatable to be sure. I wouldn't want to be the one to tell all those coal miners that they're out of a job. But to bitch about the potential future effects of the oil sands when there's immediate things you could do but won't is hypocritical. In terms of CO2 emissions (2008 UN numbers), China produces 23.53%, USA 18.27%, the EU 13.98% and Canada a mere 1.82%. It's pretty obvious that the problem lies south of the 49th parallel, not north.

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